Kliff Kingsbury: He’d Fuck your Wife and He’s Gonna Fuck Over your NFL Franchise

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Kliff Kingsbury, he looks like the type of guy who’d take your daughter out on a nice date, drop her off before curfew, just to meet your wife out back and fuck her. He is intimidatingly good-looking, a solid 10, but when it comes to coaching, he’s a 3 at best.

I do not understand the hype surrounding this man as an NFL head coach. He considered to be a great offensive coach, but had a career record of 35-40 (47%) at Texas Tech. Texas Tech plays in the Big XII, the best conference in the NCAA for Offensive masterminds, and you can only manage to go 35-40?? That is pathetic.

I truly feel bad for Arizona Cardinal fans, and I feel especially bad for Steve Wilks. To be fired after one year in the middle of a rebuilding era is totally unfair, but to be replaced by a guy who isn’t even a .500 coach in college is a god-damn slap in the face.

This is the type of hire that can set a franchise back 5-10 years, and cause a fanbase to lose interest. Additionally, NCAA coaches don’t have the greatest track record in the NFL. Nick Saban was 92-42-1 with one national championship before he left for Miami, and Chip Kelly was 46-7 at Oregon, with one National Championship appearance and four BCS Bowls, before he left for Philadelphia. In the NFL, Nick Saban went 15-17, and Chip Kelly went 28-35.

Kliff Kingsbury isn’t even in the same hemisphere as these two, and the Cardinals front-office really expects him to be a good NFL coach? Good Luck



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