B-Train’s Week 15 NFL Winners

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If you managed to find your way into my blog before the Saturday night Browns/Broncos game, I was the most right you could be about a game in the history of gambling. I said that the Browns would destroy the Broncos and in fact they did. You may say “they only won by one point late in the game.” If you think that a 1 point loss at home to the Cleveland Browns in December to remove you from the playoff picture isn’t getting destroyed, you don’t know anything about gambling.

It is a fact that I am 2-0 in picks that I’ve given the people this year. If you bet $10 million per bet you would be up over $20 million. I’m giving you free money. Now its time to look at the Sunday slate.

Vikings -8 

Kirk Cousins kinda stinks. He’s currently stealing money from the Minnesota Vikings with every snap. With the firing of their OC with past week, the Vikings will be pounding the rock. Mike Zimmer will run the wheels off Dalvin Cook and expect to see Lat Murray score a TD from the goal line.  The Dolphins are in the biggest let down spot ever. The luckiest TD of the year to bet rival New England in Miami will give the Dolphins a false sense of confidence going into this road game.  If anyone wasn’t aware, Ryan Tannehill is 30 years old. I guess you age very quickly in a hospital bed, but he’s banged up coming in the game. 8 points is a lot to lay, but that’s exactly what Vegas wants you to think.

Lions PK

The Detroit Lions will never be a great team. The Buffalo Bills will never be a great team. This game is like watching two homeless guys fight, its not pretty to watch, but you know someone is going to win and its going to be funny to see. Matt Stafford is going to break a glass bottle over the head of this Bills defense. Kerryon Johnson might be available for this game and if he is that means the Bills have no chance. Johnson is the first decent RB the Lions have had since Barry Sanders. Look for Johnson to have a nice workload and set the tone for the Lions. If he is out, look for Matt Stafford to work some of his above average magic to will the Lions to a victory.

P.S. *If Josh Allen pulls his white-boy Mike Vick shit and runs for 100 yards, I apologize.

Colts -3

Andrew Luck has slowly come back to form this season. Early on he couldn’t even throw a Hail Mary at the end of a game. Fast forward to week 15 and the Colts are fire. They enter week 15 with a 7-6 record and have won 6 of the last 7.  The Colts are back. The problem is the Cowboys come into Indy just as hot. They are 5-0 ATS in their last five and since trading for Amari Cooper, Dak has looked pretty good. The Colts are going to need to contain the new Dallas triplets in Dak, Zeke, and Cooper. I think that this will be a close game till the end, but in the end Andrew Luck is able to throw a big TD late to take a lead and cover the spread.

Raiders +3.5 and ML 

The Bengals are a garbage team, a garbage organization, and I hope Vontez Burfect gets hit by a car (Oh wait he did last year and that car’s name was JuJu Smith-Schuster). Derek Carr is playing some solid football right now. Don’t get me wrong, the Raiders suck, but I think that they just suck less than the Bengals do. I think Carr will have a good day in the air and lead the Raiders to a easy victory. Also, if Marvin Lewis still has a job after this season than I think we all have to accept the fact that the Bengals prefer mediocrity and they are actually a worse organization that the Cleveland Browns. It also helps to know that the Bengals are 0-5 ATS in their last five home games.


Rams -12.5

This weeks lock of the week is very simple. Jared Goff has been statistically the worst QB over the last 2 weeks. He also has had to play in not favorable situations the last 2 weeks. His 5 interceptions in the last 2 games are the most in that span in his career. All of this being said, the California QB is headed home to the Coliseum  where he will ABSOLUTELY MURDER THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES. Big Dick Nick Foles is coming into town with his Super Bowl MVP long in the rear-view mirror. Todd Gurley will get it going also against a very bad Eagles defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL had to step in at halftime and put a high school like mercy rule in place just to get the game over with. The Eagles will have their wings clipped this week and there will be no repeat.



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