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Here’s a fact for you: Baker Mayfield has never lost to the Denver Broncos in Denver.  Here’s another fact: Baker Mayfield has never thrown an interception against the Denver Broncos.

This is not your father’s Browns team. This is the new look, Baker lead Cleveland Browns. Since the firing of Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley, the Browns have been on fire. Somebody call John Elway and tell him Baker woke up feeling dangerous.

This game reads all Browns to me. Case Keenum has not been as exceptional of a QB this year after taking the starting job a year ago for the Vikings. The last couple weeks Baker has been lighting up defenses for the Browns offense. This probably has something to do with an offensive line that allowed its first sack in 3 weeks in their last game. Nick Chubb is running through defenses and proved why he deserved the starting role.

Both teams are top 10 in forced turnovers this year on defense, but both are bottom 10 in passing yards allowed. This game is going to come down to which QB will make big mistakes. There will be a lot of throwing lanes available. It just so happens that the Browns are just a more talented offense. If Browns offensive line keeps Baker upright he will be able to utilize guys like David Njoku and Jarvis Landry.

Late money seems to be going on the Browns because of their momentum coming into the week. The spread opened at Cleveland +4 and has settled down to +1.5.

The only reason the Browns are even the dog in this game is because it is in Denver.

The Pick:

Browns +1.5 & ML 

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