Dying on a Hill: The Dumbest Rule in Sports

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There are a lot of dumb rules in sports – not paying student-athletes, offsides in soccer, the shift being legal in baseball – to name a few. However, the dumbest rule in all of sports is the touchback rule on an end zone fumble in football. The fact that this is treated as a turnover is an embarrassment to the sport

And while this play doesn’t occur all that often, it did occur today in the Las Vegas Bowl between Arizona State v. Fresno State. Fresno was in ASU territory when they decided to throw a well executed screen pass. The play should’ve ended with Fresno scoring a touchdown however, because of this dumb rule, it was a touchback and ASU’s ball.

The NFL and NCAA need to figure how to change this rule. The best solution to this play is for the fumbling team to retain possession of the ball and have it come back to the 20 yard line. A simple solution, almost too simple.


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