30 For Murph: ESPN “The Fall of the Sports Empire”

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It took 300 Spartans to end the reign of Xerces. it only took a handful of losers to ruin ESPN.

If you’re like me you woke up watching SportsCenter as you got ready for school this was real sports TV not talk shows discussing how each little thing offended someone. Yes there are big issues, but to be honest the majority of people watching ESPN don’t give a shit about politics. That’s what we argue on Twitter for.

Now back to what the hell happened to the highlights we used to love. There were plenty of good personalities on the mother-ship, but i guess you don’t really need one to talk about Lebron vs Jordan 365 days a year. Its all robotic now. When i used to enjoy ESPN the only show I’d change the channel for is Outside the Lines. I would take a 2009 version of OTL over any of the current garbage they spew now.

You could say ESPN is falling faster than the career of Peyton Hillis. The dissapointment of this network makes Skip Bayless look like the smart one for jumping ship years ago. Much like Jack in the Titanic, I don’t feel the need to hang on this crap, instead I think I’ll take a nap in the ocean.


Everyone With A Fucking Brain

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