Kirk Cousins the Con Artist

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Bob Dylan once sang “Money doesn’t talk, it swears” and right now, Kirk Cousins’ bank account is calling Zygi Wilf a “Fucking Joke!”

It is currently half time of the Vikings v. Seahawks game, and Kirk Cousins stat line is as follows: 4/8 – 27 yards, $875,000 earned. That’s right, Kirk Cousin is on pace to throw for 54 yards, and will make $1.75 million for his efforts tonight.

While Kirk Cousins isn’t a terrible QB and will put up fairly modest numbers, the one stat that will forever haunt him and the Vikings is his record against .500 or better teams: 4-23. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU GUARANTEE A MAN $84 MILLION WHO CANNOT BEAT A PLAYOFF TEAM?? One of the most important jobs for a QB is to win games, and Kirk Cousins cannot do that.

So bravo to Kirk Cousins, you conned the Minnesota Vikings into making you a very rich man. But how about you go beat some good teams, and win a few games.


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