Army’s Triple Option Will Sink Navy to Win 2018 Commander-in-Chief Trophy

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In the pantheon of all time greatest College Football Rivalries, a select few are always mentioned: OU v. Texas, Alabama v. Auburn, Michigan v Ohio State. However, on the second weekend of December, one game – one rivalry – stands alone: Army v. Navy.

On Saturday, December 8th, people all over the US will watch as these two teams gather in Philadelphia (Best City in 2018 – nbd) to play the final game of the 2018 FBS regular season. They also will get to see perfect execution of the greatest offensive scheme to ever exist: the Triple Option. If you don’t think the Triple Option is the GOAT of offensive schemes, you’ve been seriously misinformed.

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The only downfall of Army v Navy is that it’s the only College Football game on today, which means it’s the only game you can gamble on. Army ranks 17th in scoring defense, and took the #1 offense in the Country to overtime while only giving up 28 points. Navy ranks 109th in scoring defense and 89th in scoring offense, and hasn’t looked great all year. A win gives Army has the chance of finishing in the Top 25 for the first time since 1996.

The Pick: -7 Army 

#GoArmy #BeatNavy

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